Terry Pegg


“Under the Arches”, 19.5″ x 29.5″, oil on canvas by Terry Pegg

I wanted to share with you all a man of who I considered an inspiration to me, a gentleman who I’ve admired as a person and as an artist, Terry Pegg.

I first met Terry in 2006. I was a graduate from the University of Falmouth. I had just obtained my degree in Illustration and I got a job as a part-time barman at Daunceys hotel. I was 21 years old, tall and skinny with a Ronnie Wood haircut.

Terry’s wife Pauline used to come in to the hotel every morning and order a black coffee and sit by the window with a newspaper. Terry would come in for a cup of tea most weekends and some evenings to play chess with his friends.

After a couple of weeks working at the hotel, I got talking with him. I was intrigued by the way he spoke and acknowledged me. He took an interest in my qualification and what I had studied and told me that he works as…….an artist. I took a gasp of air and replied “wow”

At a young age, Terry had worked for his father at his printing company where they handled gold leaf engraving for company door signs and windows. Later on, his father sold the business and Terry went to work as a full-time artist.

Terry worked in his studio in Cheddar, the South West of England for over 20 years. A large touristy area would see his income strive as he would sell his oil paintings directly to the public and offer quick portrait sketches. One day, he told me that he had the pleasure of sketching the actor Robin Williams! He would also teach drawing and paintings to small groups in his studio and at the hotel.

These two original paintings from Terry hang proudly in my studio.


Untitled, 15.5″ x 19.5″, oil on canvas by Terry Pegg

Terry became a very good friend to us at the hotel, a great pool player and a person to look up to. A very wise man who had accomplished more than one can dream. Terry had made a career out of selling his paintings and teaching his craft and that inspired me from day one. I had absorbed every detail that he taught over the 7 years I knew him including visiting him at his studio, working with him at the hotel art groups and even helping him in his life-drawing classes.

“If I had seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

– Isaac Newton

Terry was in his early 80’s when I left the UK in 2013. He once said to me “Sean, when I’m gone, I’ll be at the studio up in the sky continuing my work”.



  1. Sean

    Terry wow so many good memories Terry and Pauline and you such working there miss it and you

    • Sean Fear

      You too mate! Yes, we had great times. Hope you’re keeping well:D

  2. Ruth

    Hi Sean I also went to Terry’s art classes at Cheddar and Weston and had some great memories.
    I ended up doing some life modelling for both classes,there were some really nice people
    in the groups and they made me feel quite relaxed.
    Sold some of my own artwork too mainly wildlife.

    • Sean Fear

      Hi Ruth,

      Thank you for commenting, that’s wonderful to hear!

  3. Colin Uttley

    I met Terry in cheddar in about 2000. I had a love of history and loved his history paintings and suggested some ideas for paintings he could do upon which he suggested commission me and I’ll paint one for you. I had to talk to my wife about it cause the cost was £900 for the proposed painting he would do. I was so excited at it I went back after a few minutes and said yes. After that I kept him painting continuously for about 3 years or so one after the other. In total 11 of his paintings are in my house now of different sizes all based on battlefield scenes from the wars of the roses. How is Terry these days ?

    • Sean Fear

      Wow, that’s amazing to hear Colin! I haven’t heard from Terry for over 5 years now, I love abroad now. My Mum lives close to where his studio was (she recently told me it was closed) thank you for your comment, I’d love to see these paintings displayed on your house, he had a huge impact on me. Many thanks again 🙂

  4. Jacqueline Jolleys

    I knew Terry forty years ago when he lived near Coalville in Leicestershire. I have a number of his paintings from that period. As a commission he painted a girl seated at the piano for me. The other paintings are landscapes. I love the way he captures the light. He was very keen on incorporating nature, highland cattle or ducks in flight etc.

    Terry invented a board game during his time in Leicestershire.

    He moved from Hugglescote to Cheddar.

    • Sean Fear

      Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I remember very well what subjects he loved to paint! I’d love to see a photograph of these paintings. I remember him telling me about the game he invented, a cross between snooker and chess I. believe, ‘Roller’ something!


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