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Hi guys and welcome to my first blog post. I’d like to begin by sharing my work space with you along with some tips that I use on a daily basis. This is a home studio that separates the lounge and dining area and it has everything I need to be creative and have fun!


Being 6’4 I decided that it would be appropriate to purchase a stable easel that extends right up to the ceiling. This was the best investment in my creative career to date. I spent many years drawing and painting on an adjustable desk (which is still great) but now I can work vertically, seating or standing. I can move the easel around the studio and step back from the painting.




I use an old picture frame which sits tilted on a desk easel. This is my preferred view point when mixing colours. I’ve also painted the inner backing grey as a tonal reference making viewing and mixing colours easier on the eye.




I have the window next to me when I’m working on a painting. Depending on the time of day, the sunlight can enter the room more than I’d like. So, I have these LED white lights that I can move higher or lower on the easel bar. A cool white light is considered over a yellow light because a warm light can be very deceiving when mixing and applying paint.




Under my palette I have a storage unit at hand. Everything is tucked away nicely (except for my brushes) My oil paints, mediums, paper towels and my trusty baby wipes are in the first drawer. Having sufficient storage units are important because you want your studio to be organised and tidy. I like to come into my clean studio knowing where everything is so I can begin painting.



A separate station for the design part of my creative journey sits nicely against my wall in the corner of my studio. Before I purchased my easel, the Mac was on top of the drawers and I would sit on a chair cross-legged up against it because my other desk would be occupied with artwork.



I love them! I think I’ve inherited this from my mother. Studies have shown that plants boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. I think they give life to the studio and I will add more soon enough.



I’ve loved building up my little studio over the years and it doesn’t require a huge amount of space. I have everything here I need to create and further develop my skills as an artist.



  1. Susanna

    This is a lovely tour of your studio. Thanks!

    • Sean Fear

      Thank you kindly! 🙂


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