The works of my art unfolded in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, England. Here, I spent most of my childhood enjoying the breath-taking sceneries of Somerset surrounded by luscious forests, open fields and farmlands.

After secondary school, I enrolled into Weston College, School of Arts where I received a National Diploma. I then left Weston-super-Mare to attend the University of Falmouth, majoring in Illustration.

After my studies, I worked as a commissional artist drawing pets and other family members on request. In parallel, I illustrated several independent children’s books as well as writing, illustrating and creating my own interactive eBook. I now reside in Greece, Athens working in a private school as an art teacher and a graphic designer.

I believe that growing up in the picturesque countryside of Somerset, a place of vibrancy and wildlife, gave me the passion for art. I love to visit Somerset in the holidays to re-connect with my appreciation and love of my craft.


When I was 8 years old I submitted a quick sketch of Scooby-Doo being chased by a ghost into the school’s art competition and I won! Ever since then I’ve been addicted to sketching and painting. I now work as an Art teacher and in my spare time, I focus on creating the beautiful local wildlife and pets.





I love to paint nature and pets. My desire to create flows naturally from the process of nature where I interpret my own experiences of the subject, rather than creating a perfect imitation. The process allows me to feel connected, open-minded, thankful, elevated and honest. I create art to remind myself of the subject’s true value; power, energy and spirit.