Sean is a self-taught British oil painter based in Athens, Greece. His art focuses on capturing the beauty of subjects using bold brushstrokes, rich textures, subtle colours, and deep emotional intensity

Sean’s love of art began at a young age, and he has spent years developing his craft and refining his style. After graduating from Falmouth University, Sean worked as a children’s book illustrator and drawing craftsman for clientele.

Sean enjoys a spontaneous combination between realism and abstraction. His paintings are a testament to his love of nature and his passion for the art of painting. He hopes that his work will inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the world around them and to find joy and inspiration in their own artistic pursuits.

Sean now works as an art teacher and graphic designer at a school in Athens and has private collectors of his paintings in Europe, Canada and Australia.

“My desire to create flows naturally where I interpret my own experiences rather than creating a perfect imitation. This allows me to feel connected, open-minded, thankful and honest”.